Jenny Castillo - Jenny Admits To Her Bad Addiction!

Carlos and Jenny

Carlos and Jenny

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Radio Superstar Jenny Castillo is a firecracker of a woman! She is the co host of "Los Anormales" one of the biggest Spanish Speaking morning shows in the nation. She is a wife, mother, fitness queen and fashion designer. She is amazing at all of these things and it was a real treat to have her on. She puts a smile on every person's face she meets and this interview dove into some of Jenny's peaks and valleys:

* How she was ridiculed and bullied in school when moving to the United States.

* Why and when she dreamed of being a real Cowgirl!

* The major reason she decided to get into TV news and NOT be a teacher.

* Who was the most important person in her life, and why she had such a huge affect on her.

* Jenny's addiction is something we all struggle with, we go deep into how to fix it!

* How her fashion line began and why it almost went in a totally different direction.

* Why and how her jeans can help your booty look so good!

* Sleep, how she gets very little of it and has the most adorable nighttime routine with her family.

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