Nerdy News: Christian Bale in Star Wars and so much more!!

Christian Bale was in talks to be in Solo!

OMG - Christian Bale was almost in a Star Wars movie!  That would have been so awesome.  He was up for the role that Woody Harrleson ended up getting.  And because Christian Bales has such a good relationship with Kathleen Kennedy - this might happen in the future.  

Now my dream is Ewan McGregor comes back as Obi Wan and Christian Bale is in the Star Wars universe together!  That would be so awesome! I know they were in Velvet Goldmine together, but this would be a Star Wars dream come true!

And now there’s reshoots of the reshoots of Solo.  But before we get more concerned for this movie - as it's January 10th and still no trailer - they are pick up shots.  And pick up shots are more to fix continuity errors, reaction shots, a little bit more fine tuning and polishing if you will.  

Apple facing criminal investigation in France over slowing down iPhones 

Blumhouse and Hulu are teaming up to do a monthly horror anthology.  Each episodes will be standalone stories and the show is slated to start in October.  

Stan Lee has accused of sexual misconduct.  See the story here.

It was recently uncovered that for All the Money in the World reshoots Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for movie reshoots and Michelle Williams was pained than $1000.  That's so not cool.  That's less than 1%.  

Millie Bobby Brown will be in a new movie!  She will be playing Sherlock Holmes sister!

Theme park news!

Slinky Dog being tested at Hollywood Studios - check out the video below.

New Harry Potter coaster begins construction and if the rumours of this coaster are true - it's going to amazing!!!!!!!!!  i cannot wait for this!

Snowpiercer will be getting TV show on TNT with Jennifer Connelly.  I loved Snowpiercer so much and cannot wait to see the TV show.  

Pinhead is back! Here's the first trailer Hellraiser: Judgment!!!

Nerd of the Week: Jeff Bezos.  He's the new Richest Person of All Time.  

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