Town Councilman Apologizes For Throwing Candidate's Campaign Sign

The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office is investigating an incident involving a town councilman caught on video throwing a campaign sign into the street.

Mark Zeitler supports his fellow Lantana council member, Mayor David Stewart.

He spotted a woman recording him as he replaced a sign for Stewart's challenger with a sign for the incumbent. That's when he walked up with his own phone and mocked her.

“I got you on camera, I got you on camera!"

Zeitler later apologized, after contending that the owner of the home where the sign was placed is a friend of his.

"I regret doing it. I apologize to Mr. Hagerty doing what I did with his sign and I shouldn’t have acted that way."

A campaign worker for Stewart's challenger Robert Haggerty said the tenants gave her permission to post HIS sign.

Photo: CBS 12