South Florida middle school teacher arrested for sex in closet with student

Jupitrr, FL – A South Florida middle school teacher has been arrested after police say he had sex with a former student in the closet of his classroom.

Palm Beach County middle school teacher Daniel Heath Norment has been charged with sexual activity with a minor and a sex offense against a student by an authority figure.

Police alleged that Norment, 42, was approached several times by the administration at the school about non-criminal behavior.

Norments arrest report states the teacher would take students into the school closet and counsel them.

Two years prior, Norment was the coach of the girls’ basketball team, and would alleged allow players to change clothes inside his classroom after school hours.

The victim told investigators she exchanged cell phone numbers with Norment and would help him with paperwork after school hours.

On one occasion, Norment told the victim he loved her, became “aggressive” and led her into the closet where he undressed her and had sex with her.

Norment is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.

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