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We Old

Daytime Bathroom Attendants

Wednesday 3-15-23 Show #864: Ken just worked the Comedy Inn in Miami and talks about how expensive everything is in Miami, we talk the Oscar's, and day shift bathroom attendants because that's a thing apparently.

The Madea Defense

Monday 3-13-23 Show #863: Miguel is running the show tonight, no James or Ken, so it goes a little off the rails.


Tuesday 3-7-23 Show #862: Ken somehow has never fired a hand gun despite serving in the army and Patricio gets advice on running an open mic.

Book Of Revelations, Ayahuasca Edition

Monday 3-6-23 Show #861: Patricio had some revelations during his ayahuasca trip and James had his own experience with a colonoscopy...kinda the same thing, right?


Wednesday 2-28-23 Show #860: Ken wants to start a vinyl collection, swap-meets and flea markets, impressions, "Funny Not Famous," and the importance of social media.

Kicks 4 Kids

Monday 8-27-23 Show 859: Get your ass in therapy! Plus, James wants to try hallucinogens, we talk about the new Flash movie, and Magic Mike saves the Rec Center.

You Old

Thursday 2-23-23 Show #858: Tonight we discuss the county fair and James' new fondness for roller coasters, President's Day, and Patricio is planning an ayahuasca trip.

You Loofah, Bro?

Wednesday 2-22-23 Show #857: Patricio goes to a rock concert and is reminded of mosh pits; we also talk loofahs, open mics, and pedicures.

Cheesesteak vs BBQ

Thursday 2-2-23 Show #856: We discuss the multiverse and near-death experiences, OnlyFans, and the great Super Bowl debate: Cheese-steak vs BBQ.