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Thursday 11-30-23 Show #947: The flu is back, please don't go into work sick; plus, Ken tells us about his first date with his wife and how she stood him up.

Old Deacon Vibes

Wednesday 11-29-23 Show #946: Some old man tried to kidnap Ken's wife, defending our SO, road rage and old man vibes.

The Drunk Episode

Tuesday 11-28-23 Show #945: Do you believe in Bigfoot? Aliens? The Loch Ness monster? We discuss. Plus, some one got caught stealing a bunch of dimes and now they're the Coinstar villian.

Kermit Gonzalez

Monday 11-27-23 Show #944: Kermit Gonzalez joins us tonight and we talk about martial arts, our Thanksgiving celebrations, and a bunch of other nonsense.

White Versus

Tuesday 11-21-23 Show #943: Tonight, we throw around some crazy concepts like Black Kaufman, classic weekend vs EDC, price gauging, and who would be good for a white versus.

One Week: You're Dead

Monday 11-20-23 Show #942: Tonight, we talk about decorating cars, the Classic football weekend, James did a church show, and the Thanksgiving leftovers shelf life.

Ali Flores

Thursday 11-16-23 Show #941: Tonight we welcome comedian Ali Flores to the show!

From Manatee To R Kelly

Wednesday 11-15-23 Show #940: We welcome back Jeff Kaufman to the show, plus we talk about the Dave Chappelle show at the Amway, Thanksgiving, cuffing season, and pot lucks are terrible.

Ken Ran Away Wrong

Tuesday 11-15-23 Show #939: Miguel tries online Red Dead Redemption and immediately regrets it, plus we talk ass whoopings, and Ken ran away once but did not think it through.