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A Mediocre Documentary

You know that feeling you get when your friends or kids achieve something big? Well... I had that exact feeling yesterday while watching A Mediocre Documentary premier at The Florida Film Festival.

I mean, these assholes made the Orlando Sentinel's front page.  ABOVE THE FOLD!!!

T&D Orlando Sentinel

It's not often you find genuine friendships in the entertainment business, but I was lucky enough to find two.  I think I met Daniel 20+ years ago when he was a producer for The Drew Garabo Show.  For one reason or another, he left that show and we knew we had to have him on The Monsters and we made a pitch for him.  Not only is he one of the funniest guys I've ever met, he is an amazing producer.  A total pro.  

Fast forward to 2004 and enters Drunky the Bear as an intern on The Monsters.  There was nothing this guy would not do for entertainment.  He was also likable, relatable and just wanted to entertain. No motives or no hidden agendas, just a real human being.  And despite our age difference, he was a guy had I ton in common with from day one.

I consider them both family.   

I respect and support every decision they were forced to make.  It takes giant balls to do what they did. They not only pulled it off but they knocked it out of the park.  TC, Daniel & I all met up at Caddyshanks the day we found out that Daniel wasn't allowed to come back on the air.  Selfishly, as you can see the expression in this picture, that was a sad day for me.  Not only was I going to miss trying to make Daniel laugh everyday, but also I knew spending time with them every day was coming to an end. 

Dan's Last Day

I was prepared when TC left so it wasn't such a shock.  He called me personally to let me know that he wasn't going to renew.  He wanted me to hear it from him.  It was just a formality though, because anyone could see that he was miserable. They have really created something amazing in spite of a bunch of people telling them what a mistake they were making.

We will all continue to support each other as our lives will surely transition again.  

On to the next chapter....

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