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Kramer Makes The Call

This Is Our Side Hustle

Wednesday – Is regifting a bad thing? Jim relives his experience with corporal punishment. Do you have a side hustle for a 2nd source of income? Animal House with Percy the bearded dragon from the Central Florida Zoo. Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell on discrimination over the years in Florida, the Majesty Building and holiday parties. Rauce Thoughts on choosing new countries. Plus, WOKE News, Trivia & Last Call.

We Wont Track You...Probably

Tuesday – Rauce tries to school us on how to kiss. Would phone calls on airplanes make flying better or worse? Do you track your family on their phones? We review how cruise ships perp so many meals every day for WYDTN. Rauce Thoughts on if we like our voices. Plus, WOKE News, Trivia & Last Call.

Kramer Makes The Call

On The Jim Colbert Show Attorney "Friendly" Ray Traendly of TK Law discusses the developments in the trials of Danny Mastertson, Harvey Weinstein, and Alex Jones and Ray tells us about his trip to Topgolf.

We All Want to be Ninjas!

Jack is gone so its the three amigos. We get an update about Jim b-day weekend. Woke news. Brandon Kravitz opens up about hurting in the sports world. Main topic of the day is forgiving yourself? We let you the listener talk about the events that you have struggled to forgive yourself and its gets very intense. Rauce thoughts on December babies. Ray Traendly swings by to talk Weinstein, Alex Jones and little golf. Happy Monday!

Happy Happy Birthday Jim!

Friday – We debut a Talkback challenge to be a Yacht Rock DJ. Would you take revenge on your childhood bully? Do you want a tattoo, or do you want one removed? Amy Drew Thompson on fast Mediterranean food with Cava, ceviche in Casselberry with Aji, comfort foods, gift ideas and recycling fryer oil. Rich Tips with Candace on using travel cards to get more perks. Rauce Thoughts on the biggest liars on the planet. Plus, WOKE News, Embers Only, Trivia & Last Call.

Smoke Tur-Duh-Kin

Thursday! Jack is gone! OH GOD Im producing. Is this thing on? What do I type here? Dont I type out the info for the show? YEA...Yea thats right do that Rauce. You idiot. uhhhhhhh Woke news. Yea that happened! We talk to one of the creators of the big Mt Dora event this weekend. Brendan O' Connor swings by and lets us know about a Shrek rave (wish I wasn't busy). Glenn Klausman gives us an update with the fireworks car. Rauce (me) puts an end to the war of smokers and vapers. Boy, this info things is going on forever. Calling that out just makes the problem worse. Oh god. Calm down man you got this. Just one more piece of info about the show.....The differences between the USA and the rest of the world...Whew, Nailed it.

Kramer Makes The Call

On the Monsters Attorney "Friendly" Ray Traendly of TK Law discusses the use of robotic lethal force in law enforcement and parties who are unwilling to sign divorce papers.


Wednesday – Text message typos, moving violations, sperm counts and corporal punishment. Kittens from Lake County Animal Shelter in for Animal House. Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell on his Thanksgiving and decorating hurricane debris. Rauce Thoughts with a Spelling Bee. Plus, WOKE News, Trivia & Last Call.

Rock Hard in the Yard

Tuesday – We discuss safety in the workplace. Do you feel safe at work? Rauce relives his first boob viewing. We review Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on the World Cup in Quatar for WYDTN. We talk to C-Lane from the News Junkie about Just Okay 7. Rauce Thoughts on dog tricks. Plus, WOKE News, Trivia & Last Call.