EGGFEST 2018!!

Sunshine State Eggfest 2018 - Brought to  you by Wassi's Meats!

As always, we have an absolute blast at Eggfest!!!  This year I tried my hand at cooking and served over 1000 people that made a point to come by our tent.  It's always hard work and a very long day/weekend but totally worth it. 

This year I made a tri-tip slider.  We cooked the tri-tip on the Big Green Egg, toasted a Sara Lee Artesano roll with aged white cheddar cheese and saute mushrooms & onions....and it was delicious.  

So many people requested the recipe that we are going to make it this week on HOW TUESDAY!  Tune in to PrimeTime Kitchen's facebook page at 7PM EST every Tuesday for a live cooking show!

Here is a short video we put together for Eggfest.  Enjoy!

The Jim Colbert Show

The Jim Colbert Show

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