JCS - Creativity in Quarantine

A short film by Chase Padgett...yes that Chase Padget who found some inspiration in black coffee during this pandemic and made a video about it.

Props to the idea and editing skills of "Swedemason" on YouTube who showed the world what it would look like if Donald Trump was the lead singer for the Talking Heads.

Shout our to Power Couch Studios who made this dark short film entitled "Quarantine." Written and directed by Michael Gass. Not one for the kids, unless you have some pretty hard-edge kids.

"Le wi protect wi sef" is a Covid-19 health awareness music video made for the people of Sierra Leone. Produced by the Future View Film Group w/ Purple Field Productions. This video is in Krio and subtitled in English.

Another way to pass the time while at home, create music! Naome Bradshaw wrote this song about her grandmother and collaborated online with Kevin Stever to create this song and video. Special thanks to Jessica L Martens who added her fiddle to the song.

Jana Banana is BACK along with her husband Jason as they teach us how to make pandemic masks our of undergarments. (Thanks for the birthday shout out!) You can follow more of the adventures of Jana & Jason on their YouTube channel here.

This is the first coronavirus cover that I watched until the end, and I wanted to share. Central Florida musician Shain Honkonen puts a Disturbed spin on life during the COVID-19 pandemic